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    How our Facility
    is Keeping Guests safe from COVID-19

    We’ve implemented even stricter standards — so you can stay and enjoy
    the entertainment that you're used to, safely.

    System upgraded with a new MERV 13 Filters,

    Increased capacity of Fresh Air Circulation
    and Calshield applied to all coils.

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    There are 30+ hand sanitizer
    stations on or around the bowling lanes

    available to guests.

    All guests are required to wear a face mask 

    in and around the venue. While at designated lanes all guests
    are required to keep mask on.

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    All staff are screened before they enter the venue and a secondary screening is given per area of entrance and between
    services to ensure and regulate any changes within staff. 

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    We are making sure all high-touch surfaces are 
    removed or sanitized on a strict schedule. 
    We also have implemented a contact-less payment option.

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    The lanes are fully sanitized with the Viking spray
    before and after the guests are at the lane.

    Physical barriers and strict cleaning schedules are in place.
    All lanes, bowling balls, shoes, hi-touch surfaces

    shared areas and utensils are sanitized.


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    is a solution that has the power to redefine the idea of a clean environment.


  • Guest Experience

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  • FAQ


    How Do I Purchase Packages?
    Packages can be booked with our Sales Reps
    at sales@framesnyc.com or Online Here.

    How do I check into my Event?
    15 minutes prior to the start of the reservation the Front Desk will text what lane the party will be on and asks for the party to send shoe sizes so they can be ready at the designated Lane upon arrival.

    How Do I Enter and Exit the Venue?
    Guests can Enter through the Main Entrance on
    40th St. & 9th Ave and Exit through the Port Authority Entrance.
    Guest will be aware of elevator crowding and practicing social distance.

    Where can I view the Menu?
    A menu will be available online here or the guest
    can request a paper menu from the server.

    How do I pay for my Event?
    When the time on the lane concludes the guest will
    be able to pay contact-less via a QR Code on the lane or with server.


    What are your Current Safety Protocols?
    1. Educating our staff on the Coronavirus symptoms.
    2. Temperature check for all employees daily.
    3. Our staff are continuously washing and sanitizing their hands.
    4. Staff are wearing disposable gloves while rolling clean silverware.
    5. Every management team member has a county, or city approved Food Safety Handler Certification
    6.  Alcohol-based hand sanitizer, based on availability, is located in over 30 locations throughout the venue.
    7. All Lanes are sanitized with Viking Spray before and after each use.
    8. All shoes are thoroughly sanitized between each use.
    9. All Lanes will either be socially distant or have plexi-glass dividers in between.
    10. Menu and ordering will be available via smart phone so interactions can be as contact-less as possible.
    11. Guests are required to wear a mask everywhere in the venue other than on the lanes or sitting down actively eating or drinking at a table.
    12. Social Distance signage throughout venue.